Friday, February 24, 2012

BDSup2Sub 4.0.1

BDSup2Sub 4.0.1 has been released. This is a bugfix release.

  • Fixed: Flashing subtitles - if the end time of the current subtitle picture is beyond the start time of the next one the subtitle was set to zero length.
  • Fixed: Resolution incorrectly read from the dvd ifo file in cases other than 720x576/720x480 16:9.
  • Fixed: Incorrect (too short) subtitle duration for dvd subtitle frames using subtitle effects

WDTV Live users: I have also updated the version that has the workaround for the WDTV Live vobsub subtitle handling bug.

BDSup2Sub v4.0.1-wdtv (for WDTV Live media player owners)


  1. Greetings. Thanks for all your hard work on BDSup2Sub. Can you update the main thread here to 4.0.1:

    v4.0.0 download link is corrupt and there is a new version anyhow. Thanks again.

  2. 0xdeadbeef initiated the thread. I'm afraid I can't edit some else's post.

  3. Gotcha. Looks like he hasn't posted in a while too.

    There is a good amount of helpful information in that thread. Having said that, when launched BDSup2Sub (4.0.1) points to that URL. I don't know if that's an oversight too.

    Would be cool if it pointed to your blog too.

    Anyhow, thanks for all your hard work.

  4. Good point. It's a minor change but for the record, I created an issue in the tracker:

  5. Thank you Miklos. It's very big job.
    The time shift is now global, is it possible you add some future to time shift that we can select only specific boundary of time? In some case it's necessary.

    1. Generally I like the idea. I wish I had more time to work on this.
      I could add a feature to specify a time or subpicture range for which the time shift should be applied. However if you shift a range of subpictures then the new timings may overlap with the remaining subpictures. Then you have to resolve these conflicts so they should be visualized somehow.
      It would be easier to see a list of the subpictures with timings where you can select a range, shift the timings and the conflicting ones would be marked in red and you'd have to manually resolve them in order to be able to save your changes.
      I'll think about it and add a story to the issue tracker on github.

    2. It would be a great feature. I'm stuck trying to retime a sup file for a trimmed m2ts blu-ray stream...

  6. I had hoped the "Flashing subtitles" fix would solve my problem, but unfortunately it has not.

    I am having problems with forced subtitles exported from BDSup2sub flashing in XBMC (this inclused using the 5.0.0 snapshot from github). Reports suggest this is a bug in BDSup2sub, and this appears to be the case given the subtitles work fine if they aren't edited using the tool, but unfortunately XBMC insists on showing all subtitles in the stream, not just those flagged as forced.

    Reproduction steps:

    - Extract subtitles using eac3to.
    - Load subtitle in BDSup2Sub.
    - Export forced subtitles as 'SUP(BD)'
    - Remux using TSMuxer.
    - Play in XBMC (11.0/Eden) and observe subtitles disappearing quickly.

    I was hoping you could confirm where the problem lies, as I'm sure others would have come across this issue and be searching for a solution.


    1. The upcoming version has a fix for incorrect BD SUP timings, see issue

      I have no access to any Windows machine and eac3to is a Windows program. If you can send me a subtitle file extracted with eac3to I can take it from there.

    2. Thanks for your response. The link below is to a .sup extracted by eac3to. It's the only example I have readily available, but it does have a forced subtitle.

      If examples with multiple forced subtitles would be helpful, I can extract a few more for you.


    3. FileJungle does not allow me to download your file: "Only files you have uploaded personally can be retrieved."
      Maybe you have to publish it or something like that.

    4. Sorry about that. It appears FileJungle is a bit broken. I uploaded the file to another site, and downloaded it to confirm this link works...

  7. The current snapshot on github appears to contain the fix mentioned above. Unfortunately, it still doesn't appear to resolve the issue. Can I be of assistance with further examples?

    1. I have uploaded a new snapshot version to GitHub. Feel free to give it a try: